Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Data controller

The travel company named «FIGAME.COM LTD. TRAVEL ORGANIZATION LIMITED and located at '132 LEOFOROS KYMIS, 151 23, MAROUSI, GREECE' is the administrator of this website., and data controller and processor of personal data that is collected in order to provide its services..(from now on «Figame»)

Personal data

The personal data that is collected with the consent of the user and that is required in order for figame to provide its services to its users through this website or via a phone call (phone number : 0030 215 2159306), a.k.a flight bookings and/or hotel bookings and/or car rentals are : Name, Last name , Gender, E-Mail, Date of birth, Phone number and in some cases (depending on the destination and/or whether online check in is selected) passport data or ID Card information. This data must be provided to figame exactly as they are indicated on the passport or ID Card of the customer.

In case the user experiences a health problem, figame must be informed in time in order for figame to inform the airline in order for the user to make the trip safely.

In order to create a user account on figame, the required data is : name, last name, e-mail and password. Optionally the user can submit on his/her profile his/her address.

Cookies are used for the website to work properly. Through those information such as the IP Address & user agent (browser information) are collected. See cookies policy

Figame does NOT store credit card information. The user, in order to complete the payment will submit the credit card information and figame will appropriatelly send the information to SIX Payment Services ( In order to complete the transaction, the user will be redirected to SIX Payment Services gateway (3D Secure). The user agrees to the terms of use of SIX Payment Services.

Special fees might be applied in some cases to minors. Figame is informed for the date of birth of the passengers and therefore whether a passenger is not an adult in order to apply a discount when that is possible.

The user must inform FIGAME if there is an underage traveller for whom the user wants to make a booking and the user is in custody of him and whether the minor will travel alone and all the related information in order for figame to inform the airline.

It is forbidden to use this website for users that are under the age of 18 or that are not allowed by law to take over binding responsibilities.

In case you make bookings for a third party, you are responsible to inform them about this privacy policy and the data processing and make sure they know, understand and agree with it before you provide their data to figame via any possible way.

The users are required to provide FIGAME with the correct data. The users are required to update figame in case their data changes.

Data processing

The personal data collection and processing of the participants applies to the terms of this article, the regulations of the European Parliament (2016/679), the counsil, and also the regulations of the national, european and international law for protection of personal data processing. The data that is collected is used for :

* administration of the website

* figame to provide services to its users

* contacting users about the services as described

* sending its users marketing related updates that the user consented to recieve

* sending tickets, receipts, invoices and/or payment reminders

* informing the user of promotions

* contacting users about complains and questions the user might have

* optimizing the services of Figame

* providing a user account

* fulfillment of the legal and/or conventional obligations of Figame

* compliance with the public authorities and judicial authorities

* protection of the legal interests of Figame

Legal basis for processing

Legal basis for processing the data for completing a booking, customer service, updates regarding a booking and its payment, creating a personal account is the existance of a contract between Figame and its users, for the completion of which – including all steps as desribed above - is the mandatory processing of the personal data. For marketing / promotional related updates the user should concent. Figame can also process data that can help protect its legal intrerests provided that the data processing is mandatory. In the latter case, Figame evaluates whether its interests prevail the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the subjected data that impose the protection of personal data, so that any of them is prohibited from processing.

By giving consent herein, the user also gives his consent to the collection and processing of personal data relating to him in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Duration of information retention

The personal data of the respective user will be kept for as long as is required for the provision of services to him / her under the agreement between the parties and for one (1) year after termination in any way. The invoicing / accounting information will be maintained by Figame for a period of ten (10) years. Information collected through the use of cookies is retained for one (1) week. Data may be retained for longer than necessary in the event of (a) this being required by law; b) Figame's authorities consider these to be related to existing and / or potential legal disputes, c) to exercise Figame's legal rights and fulfill its obligations and protect its legitimate interests.

Data protection officer

Data protection officer of Figame is mr Ian Loizos. You can contact the Data Protection Officer by calling 210 6399108 (# 30) or by E-Mail at

Rights of personal data

The user has the right of  information , access, limitting processing, objecting , portability regarding his / her personal data, requesting correction / completion or deletion of that, as well as the right to withdraw his consent in cases where consent is processed as required by law.


Right of information & access: You have the right to access your data and get further information about how it is processed. You have the right to be informed of their recipients.

Right of correction: You have the right to request that your data be corrected, modified, supplemented and updated.

Right of deletion: You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data when we process it with your consent or in order to protect our legitimate interests. In other cases (such as where there is a contract, an obligation to process personal data required by law, the public interest), this right is subject to specific restrictions or does not exist as the case may be.

Right to limit processing: You have the right to request the restriction of processing your personal data when: (a) the accuracy of the personal data is questioned and until verification is made, (b) the processing is illegal and you request for restriction of the use of your personal data for this purpose; (c) personal data is not needed for the purposes of processing, but is nevertheless necessary for the foundation, exercise, support of legal claims, and (d) you object to the processing and until it is verified that there are legal issues that are of Figame's concern to process the data.

Right to object processing: You have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data when this is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by us as processors, and to the processing for direct marketing and profile training purposes. Figame DOES NOT create a profile.

Right to portability: You have the right to receive your personal data free of charge in a form that allows you to access, use and process it, and to request us, where technically feasible, to forward your data directly to another person. This right applies to the data that you have provided to us and is processed by automated means with your consent or under a contract.

Right to withdraw consent: You have the right to revoke your consent, as long as it is obtained for the intended treatments, at any time.

The user can exercise his or her rights or request more information by sending an email to Figame must reply to him in writing within one (1) month.

In your request, please indicate to us what action you would like us to take and for what purpose. For example, if you wish we don't contact you for promotional purposes but wish to maintain a user account then the appropriate action may be to limit the processing of your data and not to delete it.

If you feel that your privacy is being compromised in any way, you can contact the Personal Data Protection Authority : L. Kifisias 1-3 , Postal Code 11523 , Athens,

Disclosure of personal data

Figame undertakes not to sell, rent or otherwise publish and / or disclose users' personal data to any third party for commercial, promotional or other purposes. Figame may only disclose / transmit personal data of users to third party natural or legal persons only if:

- The disclosure of personal data to natural and legal persons providing services to Figame becomes necessary for the fulfillment of users' wishes in the context of providing services to them. Legal and natural persons who provide services to Figame and process the personal data that users submit to Figame and do so as Processing Entities, do so solely at the discretion of Figame and within the limits set by it (affiliates providing IT support services and/or frontend and backend support services for the Company's website). For more detailed information, you can make a request at

- Disclosure of information to employees, executives and in general Figame's corporate structure is reasonably necessary for the purpose of providing the services requested by users.

- Is required for compliance with the provisions of the Law and with the competent authorities only.

- Is ordered by a police, administrative or judicial authority

- It is necessary to defend Figame's legal rights and legitimate interests

- Disclosure of data to third parties is necessary to fulfill Figame's contractual obligations. Figame will disclose data to airlines, hotel units or rooms to rent, car or motorbike rental agencies, travel agencies in order to fulfill the wishes of its customers, and thus its contractual obligations. For more information contact us at :

Figame shall take the necessary measures to ensure that only the data necessary for its intended purpose are disclosed at any time, namely the provision of Figame's services to users and the legality of their processing.


The information collected by Figame is processed by it in the European Union and in particular in Greece.

Figame may also transmit as a 'Data Controller' as described above, data if required by law or order of a competent public or judicial authority or if this is necessary to safeguard the parties' legal rights and interests as well as the observance of legal obligations and the fulfillment of its contractual obligations.

Where the transfer concerns a country outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), the controller must check whether:

• The Commission has issued a decision on the competence of the third country to which the transfer will be made.

• Appropriate safeguards in accordance with the Regulation for the transmission of such data shall be complied with.

Otherwise, transmission to a third country is prohibited and the controller may not transmit personal data to it unless one of the specific derogations provided for in the Regulation applies. (e.g. explicit consent of the user and informing the user of the risks involved during transfer, the transfer is required in order to execute a contract at the request of the user, it is of the public interest, it is necessary to support the legal claims and vital interests of the user.).


Modification of the privacy policy

Figame reserves the right, without notice and at its sole discretion, to modify its Privacy Policy by posting the modified text at

Users should regularly check this page to make sure they are in compliance with any changes to the Policy.

Dispute Resolution

This Policy is governed by and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties, and any dispute in this respect shall be settled by the competent courts of Athens. Any provision of the foregoing shall be deemed or deemed to be contrary to the law, shall cease to be effective, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms of this Policy.

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